Education and Animation

Sunday at the Museum

The “Sunday at the Museum” programme is organised every Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm and consists of two parallel programs: GUIDED TOUR (for adults, 18+) and WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN (for 4-12 year olds).


GUIDED TOUR (Starts at 11h)

The Nympa kor ndzidzi / One Man, No Chop... exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the Museum of African Art in Belgrade. The exhibition focuses on the history of the Museum and includes a special segment titled Unpacking the Veda Zagorac and Zdravko Pečar Archive specifically dedicated to the founders of the Museum and their work on developing relations with African countries as part of the Non-Aligned Movement politics.

The Guided Tour is in Serbian.

* Entrance: 150 dinar.

** The guided tour is for adults (18+), but suitable for younger adults as well (13-18 year olds)



The Chiwara is a type of mask belonging to the Bambara of Mali. Chiwara was a mythical ancestor who taught the first people agriculture. In remembrance of this fantastic being – part human, part antelope, part pangolin – the grateful people created one of the most beautiful masks known in African art. Different shapes, forms, imagery and symbolism found in the Chiwara are reminds us of the inexhaustible creativity and inspiration that one finds in nature and its surrounding. Following a short tour of the Chiwara masks exhibited on the permanent display, children will be able to create their own Chiwara using the techniques of drawing, collage, assemblage, etc. Through the workshops, children will get acquainted with terms such as fantastic, realistic, expressive and abstract, and how these are transposed into a work of art.

The workshop is guided by Ana Knežević (art historian) and Milica Josimović (anthropologist).

The Workshop is in Serbian.

* Entrance: 150 dinar.

** The workshop does not require reservation!

*** Parents and guardians are kindly asked to bring children on time so that children are able to fully participate in the structured and prepared programme, and take full advantage of the creative time spent in the museum.

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